My Top 5 Stay-Cay Adventures [4/5]

Welcome to part 4 of my 5-part series where I give you my TOP 5 Stay-Cay Adventures you can do almost anywhere! Don’t know what a Stay Cay is? Find out here.

In part 1 we looked at rediscovering your home town on a Tour Bus or City Circuit Bus, in part 2 we looked at how you could hop-off to enjoy the view from a Look out or Observation Tower and in part 3 we explored Art Galleries and Museums for their architectural and cultural significance.

These are all fantastic ideas for getting to know the business side of your city but we’re going to change things up with a bit of nature and greenery like a…

#4 Park, Beach or Walking Track

In Auckland there’s an urban park called the Domain which contains; the Auckland War Memorial Museum from part 2, Wintergardens, a cafe, duck pond, band stand, and cricket grounds.

You can get there by bus like the City Circuit or Tour companies from part 1 or you can use one of the many walking tracks. It’s about 2 km or 1 mile from the city center (Queen Street) so in terms of distance it’s not very far but it’s almost all up hill.

If you were planning an Auckland stay-cay adventure you could catch a bus (City Circuit or Tour Bus) from Queen Street, hop-off at the Domain, take the walking track around the park, stop into the cafe for a snack or lunch, pop into the Museum and take the down-hill track back to the city.

While this sounds great for me and anyone in Auckland try to think of something similar where you live.

Parks and a Beach
Left to Right: Central Park (NYC), Mission Bay and Auckland Domain (NZ)

Can you combine any one or more of these activities there?

Check out your local bus company’s websites to see where they stop and plan a stay-cay adventure around them. If there’s a large urban park try to find a nearby Lookout, Observation Tower, Art Gallery or Museum and add them to your list of the day’s activities.

If you live near a large body of water you could modify the above details so your visit is to the beach or a riverside instead. Generally there’s a walking track at these locations so try to find one where there’s a food stop or you could bring your own lunch and drink.

The numbers.

Public parks, beaches and rivers are generally free since they’re paid for by you (the tax payer) so if you can walk to your destination and bring your own lunch you should be able to get a full day’s worth of free and relaxing entertainment.

Use this as an opportunity to free yourself from the hustle-and-bustle of city living so bring some light reading material or a camera to take some photos of the local flora and fauna.

So there you have it! #4 in my Top 5 Stay-cay Adventures.

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